We believe every guest is unique and deserves an indivual approach.

Our multilingual management team brings years of Northern European management skills and sector experience and will make each of our guests feel at home in a warm welcome Spanish environment.

All our staff members are professionals in their specific area of expertise and master languages such as English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Russian or even Arabic to make our each and every one of our guests feel extra at home. We are a very international team indeed, with experts with Belgian, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese backgrounds to mention just a few.

It is in or DNA to do only the best.

Total Quality Service is our creed..
We have a Care philosophy to give to every single detail in life: Whenever, Whatever, However… We Care!

About Aldea


Logo Aldea La Quinta

Aldea La Quinta Health Resort is owned by the Belgian brand Aldea, an established, professional Care and Hospitality Company  with a good reputation in Assisted Living projects and the Hospitality Industry.

In 2015, Aldea Belgium received the National Care Award. 

For more information about Aldea, visit http://www.aldea.be/