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DKV Belgium N.V./S.A. was founded in 1964, as a first international subsidiary of Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG. Meanwhile, DKV has become the private health insurance specialist in Belgium. We offer a complete range of guarantees, both for individuals and companies. Since 2009, DKV Belgium N.V./S.A. is part of Munich Health, the health care unit within the group Munich Re.

Over 2 million people entrust DKV with their health insurance. In individual health insurance, we lead the Belgian market with about 73%. For group insurances, our market share is around 20%. None of this would be possible without the help of nearly 8,000 brokers. Over the years, DKV has established a relationship of mutual trust with your broker, in order to defend your interests even better.

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WeTravel2 is a Belgian travel organization for people with disabilities. With our experience, expertise and contacts, we are able to organize your holiday down to the last detail. For WeTravel2, quality is more important than quantity. Every client has different needs, and that is why every holiday WeTravel2 organizes is tailor-made.

For those who would love to discover the beautiful Marbella in Spain, we organize holidays to the Aldea La Quinta Health Resort. To make sure our clients will enjoy a care-free holiday, we also arrange their flights, transfers, accommodation and the required assistance.

Other destinations we offer are: Peru, Mexico, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Kenia, Belgium, Aruba and Curacao. Furthermore we organize cruise holidays and holidays in group.

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Enriched Life is an activity within the Health & Care of Scandinavia AB. Health & Care has organized rehabilitation abroad for rheumatism and neurology patients, referred by County Council, since 1992 in various places such as Israel, Tunisia and now in Spain.
The company is a private own company with the founder, Mr Henrik Salamon still active in company working as the CEO.

Our business is based on rehabilitation abroad in an enriching environment. Our concept was developed in collaboration with the Danderyd Hospital / Karolinska Institute. It has afterwards been adopted by our medical staff.

To ensure that our rehabilitation program is of good quality, the company has a Rehabilitation Council. The members of the Rehabilitation Council are: Erik Lundstrom, chief of neurology / Karolinska University Hospital, Cecilia Boestad, Dipl. PT, MSc, specialist neurology, Aniko Bartfai, professor and specialist in neuropsychology and Camilla Ekvall, Dipl. PT, MSc, specialist neurology. The Rehabilitation Council is also responsible for program evaluation and research.

In Spain, we work with our participants in a team. In addition to the entrant, we have experienced Swedish speech therapists, physiotherapists and neuropsychologists, but also Spanish doctors and physiotherapists with extensive knowledge in the rehab area.

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